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Many completed projects are in public places, and can be seen by potential clients. In Buxton, obvious examples are the Pavilion Gardens bandstand, the Octagon windows, and the Opera House Gallery seating. Further afield, examples of architectural metalwork can be seen at two London theatres, the Vaudeville and St Martin's; the Victoria and Albert Hotel in Manchester; bandstands at Matlock Bath and Douglas; shelters at Pwllheli, Conwy, Rhyll and Braintree. Many other examples can be found in and around Buxton and many towns and cities around the country - ask for details of locations.

Several specialist services are available when required. In the past it has been common to seek the advice of a structural engineer. It is becoming increasingly necessary to work with specialists in the calculation of carbon emissions and sound insulation. A chartered town planner can help to resolve difficult planning issues and health and safety consultants may be required during site work. With legislation constantly changing it is more important than ever to keep ahead of the changes. In the past few years Trevor Gilman has attended seminars in Chinley, Derby and London to learn about the latest changes affecting sound insulation, carbon emissions, fire safety and consultancy in general. All work carried out by Trevor Gilman and his specialist service subcontractors is fully covered by insurance, and he has a extensive reference library covering building legislation, trade catalogues and source information.

Structural engineers frequently consulted include John Haines formerly with High Peak Borough Council and Richard Rhodes (Marple). Much of the architectural metalwork has been designed for Dorothea (Whaley Bridge) and Leander (Dove Holes), as well as several other companies throughout the UK. Trevor Gilman has worked closely with a number of local builders including John Grindey, Tim Wilson, Dave Minshull, and Dave Lynch. Examples of their work can be seen

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